MIDI : Total control over the compatibility

MIDI files are always 100% compatible with any version of : Steinberg Cubase - Apple Logic - Reaper - FruityLoops - Ableton LIVE! - Reason - GarageBand - MuseScore - Native Instruments - Cakewalk Sonar - Avid - Adobe -Sibelius - Music Maker - Finale - GuitarPro - Yamaha - Modstep, Roland, Korg, Charlie Lab, MLive, Moog, Sequential Circuits, Gem, Technics, Casio, Ketron, Radikal Technologies, Arturia, Eurorack, Buchla, Elektron, Akaï, Ipad, Android, MAC any OS, Windows from 1 to now, Atari etc. etc. etc.

MIDI : Total control over each note & lyrics

MIDI : Total control over the mix

MIDI : Total control over time

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